đŸĢ‚Subnet Owners

Subnet 5, Einstein-AIT is overseen by AIT Protocol in partnership with General TAO Ventures.

AIT Protocol (AIT)

AIT Protocol is a Web3/AI-native company valued at a market cap of over 50M, at current prices, with over 100,000 wallets connected to its dapp. AIT Protocol consists of a team of 30 full-time employees specializing in delivering data annotation tools through Web3 Innovation for the ever-growing market of AI/ML model training. The mission at AIT Protocol is to enable the seamless integration of artificial intelligence into various industries, promoting efficiency, accuracy, and innovation.

AIT Website

General TAO Ventures (GTV)

GTV is a subsidiary of Contango Digital Assets, a Canadian based Venture Capital company investing at the nexus of blockchain and AI since June 2021. Contango has made over 75+ investments under this thesis and is has dedicated their mission to building bridges for their portfolio companies to enter into the Bittensor ecosystem, contributing value in various ways, through the General TAO Ventures vehicle.

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