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According to Tidio. (April, 2023). The Future of Chatbots: 80+ Chatbot Statistics for 2023. Retrieved from https://www.tidio.com/blog/chatbot-statistics/

  1. Trends and Adoption: Chatbots in 2023 are becoming more sophisticated and are being used beyond customer service, expanding into areas like marketing, human resources, and operations. They are proving beneficial for a wide range of sectors including ecommerce, B2B companies, real estate, and even healthcare and education.

  2. Consumer Preferences: About 53% of consumers find long waits for replies frustrating. Notably, 62% would prefer talking to a chatbot over waiting 15 minutes for a human agent. This indicates a preference for immediate interaction, which chatbots can provide.

  1. Usage Statistics: A significant 88% of web users interacted with chatbots in 2022, with 90% of customer queries typically resolved in 10 messages or fewer. This highlights the efficiency and widespread acceptance of chatbots.

  1. Market Growth and Potential: The chatbot market is projected to grow to over $994 million in 2023, with a predicted expansion to $3 billion by the end of this decade. The increasing adoption of AI-powered GPT-3 chatbots is a notable trend.

  2. Small Business Adoption: Small businesses are embracing chatbot technology at a faster rate than larger businesses, primarily due to resource constraints and the need for efficient customer interaction.

  1. Cost Efficiency: The deployment of chatbots led to an estimated $11 billion in cost savings in 2022. They can save businesses up to 30% on customer support costs, indicating a high potential ROI.

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