🤖AI Moderation Bot


Our AI is currently in the development phase, but we are excited to announce that the first public demonstration is scheduled for the end of this month.

Designed to integrate seamlessly into the community, our AI will function not only as a knowledgeable support resource but also as an engaging member. It's adept at not just providing answers to queries, but also at participating in community interactions, referencing everything from jokes and memes to relevant articles based on user input.

Please keep in mind that this is just the beginning; as we progress, our AI will evolve to embody a more human-like presence, capable of performing tasks akin to those of a community manager.

Bot Features:

- Human-like Personality: Engaging and relatable.

- Natural Language Processing: Understands complicated inputs for a seamless experience, no need for multiple bot command lines, just tag the bot and ask away!

- Continuous Conversation: Offers unique dialogues for each user.

- User Unique Chat Logs and Data Collection: Ensures personalized interaction.

- AIT Information Help Desk: Provides comprehensive assistance.

- Crypto Market Data: Provides real-time market data and quick insights.

- Crypto Wallet Address Network Detector: Advanced recognition capabilities.

- Intuitive Interaction: Responds to messages without direct tagging (In testing phase, expect bugs). Product DEMO coming soon!

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