📰Subnet 5 Summary

General description of Einstein-AIT SN4

Einstein-AIT(SN5) is a marketplace for AI/ML models specializing in mathematics, logical reasoning, and data analysis. It will act as a supercharger for other LLMs on Bittensor, by minimizing hallucinations in LLMs when asked to perform complex mathematical tasks. We achieve this by enabling the language model to autonomously write, test, and execute code within unique Python environments.

By providing a model capable of independent code writing and execution, we bolster the capabilities of miners and other subnets, thereby enhancing their accuracy and improving the quality of responses network-wide.

SN5 contributions are pivotal, transcending direct user support to amplify the collective intelligence of the Bittensor ecosystem.

Why Math?

AI systems that can solve complex math could allow us to build more powerful AI tools.

Math is hard for AI models. Complex math, such as geometry, requires sophisticated reasoning skills, and many AI researchers believe that the ability to crack it could herald more powerful and intelligent systems.

We believe SN35 Einstein-AIT subnet can move Bittensor LLMs closer to human-like reasoning skills. This could allow us to build more powerful AI tools on Bittensor to help mathematicians solve highly complex equations and problems.

LLM’s on the other hand need to better adopt ‘computational thinking’ which involves defining and understanding a problem and and then breaking it down into pieces so that an LLM can calculate the answer, minimizing hallucinations and maximizing response accuracy.

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